Clear Service Solutions is a reputable full service cleaning & janitorial company located in Evansville, Indiana. We offer commercial and residential cleaning and sanitation as well as awning and window cleaning. Our services don't stop there! Let Clear Service Solutions take care of your pest control as well. We provide accurate estimates for each of the services we offer and ALWAYS guarantee the work that we do!

For over 15 years, we’ve provided quality work as well as top notch customer service. There's no job too small or too big for our enthusiastic and hard working team of professionals. Worried about who you let into your home or business? We take that stress away by performing extensive background checks on all of our employees. Currently serving Southwestern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Northern Kentucky.



Derek started a successful window cleaning business back in 2006.  Building upon his 22 years of pest control experience, Derek made the decision to add pest control to his offerings in 2012. At the same time, a commercial cleaning division was also added, making Derek's business a Clear Service Solution.

Derek Masterson

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As a licensed pest control specialist, Nick has over 18 years of hands on experience in this ever changing field. With more than 20 years of commercial cleaning experience, Nick is well versed in what is required to achieve a clean living or working environment for his clients.

Nick Coomes
Operations Manager

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We understand that every client’s needs are unique, which is why the services we offer are fully customizable. Each new client relationship starts with an initial consultation to discuss your exact cleaning needs.

Our cleaners work under skilled supervisors providing seamless quality control. Every job is completed to our exacting standards. The same standards which you demand and deserve. All of our Cleaners are fully vetted and insured, ensuring reliability and performance.

We pride ourselves on developing sustainable cleaning solutions that create hygienic and productive environments. We are small enough to care about our customer's needs but at the same time large enough to handle any size business in the Evansville area. 

Great Employees

Quality Service

Customized Solutions

Having a clean and friendly office is one of those things that can promote creativity, satisfaction and even loyalty in your employees. A clean office also gives your visitors a good first impression. Our team of office cleaners have been setting the standard for commercial cleaning in Evansville, Southwestern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Northern Kentucky for over 15 years.

Our dedicated and fully insured cleaning staff use the latest cleaning equipment to perform a full range of commercial and office cleaning services. To achieve this, we work closely with our customers to help develop a custom service plan that meets all of their unique needs and requirements. Cleaning cycles can range from daily (including weekends), monthly and anywhere in between. We supply the number of cleaners needed to complete the required work efficiency and on schedule. Clear Service Solutions can clean quietly during normal working hours, or outside of your normal working day if this is preferred.

Contract Office Cleaning Services

COVID 19 is known to linger on surfaces for several days. At Clear Service Solutions, we provide a comprehensive antiviral treatment known as “fogging”. We offer our fogging service as part of our ongoing cleaning contracts or as a one-time service.

Fogging is quickly becoming the go-to cleaning treatment in the fight against COVID 19. Our fogging method is an efficient and cost effective way to get your office or facility as clean as possible. Our experienced and skilled team use our fogging equipment armed with a bio friendly formula to eradicate almost all germs and potential illness causing bacteria without disturbing your surroundings. Disinfectant mists are great for facilities and offices since they have the ability to reach areas that almost never get sanitized such as walls, ceilings, vents, furniture etc… 

Help your staff and customers feel more secure by booking a regular antiviral fogging treatment.

COVID-19 & Anti-Viral Cleaning

Our expertise in commercial and residential window cleaning ensures that we professionally clean even the hardest to reach glass.
Clear Service Solutions provides complete commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning service at unbeatable prices. We also provide awning cleaning as well. Offering over 20 years of window cleaning experience, our highly skilled and experienced team of window cleaners cover everything from the very basics up to commercial window cleaning services accessing the highest and hardest to reach places on any building. We make use of all modern commercial window cleaning technologies and techniques, constantly adapting to make the process cost effective, while running seamlessly.

Whatever your commercial window and awning cleaning requirements, we will make sure they are met to the highest possible standard. Available as a one-off window and/or awning cleaning service or on a periodic contract basis, we tailor our commercial and residential window and awning services to meet your specific needs.

Awning & Window Cleaning Services

Many of us judge the overall cleanliness of a building by the condition of its bathrooms.
Your staff, customers, and other visitors use your bathrooms every day, so it’s essential to keep them clean and fresh. Our commercial bathroom cleaning service will keep your toilets and urinals clean and tidy. This prevents any bacteria build-up and also reduces the risk of germs and odors. We will sanitize your washroom floor, high touch surfaces and counter tops. Finally, we clean your bathroom's mirrors and fixtures making sure they sparkle. Our commercial bathroom cleaning service isn't just for office environments. If you are a bar or restaurant owner, why not leave the bathroom cleaning to Clear Service Solutions? Your guests and employees will thank you! Your staff, visitors and paying customers will appreciate the spotless end results of our range of quality bathroom cleaning services.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Pests are more than just annoying. They can be extremely damaging to your home or business. Pests can carry germs and diseases that can compromise the safety of your working environment or home. Clear Service Solutions offers a range of services to handle your pest control problem. Our highly trained technicians offer a wide range of safe, effective and humane pest control solutions – whether it’s just a one-off treatment or a long term service plan. With over 20 years experience, we can put together a customized proactive pest control solution for protecting both commercial and residential environments. Our pest control technicians have extensive experience and training allowing us to create a customized and highly effective pest control plan to prevent or control existing infestations. We are also capable of pest proofing your home or business to reduce any risk of further infestations from rodents and insects.

Pest Control Service

-Bed Bugs
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